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Our Mission
To provide a forum and group of experts that can assist and centralize the telehealth initiatives of the enterprise and affiliates.

Telemedicine is the use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via electronic communications to improve patients' health status. Closely associated with telemedicine is the term "telehealth," which is often used to encompass a broader definition of remote healthcare that does not always involve clinical services. Videoconferencing, transmission of still images, e-health including patient portals, remote monitoring of vital signs, continuing medical education and nursing call centers are all considered part of telemedicine and telehealth.

Telemedicine is not a separate medical specialty. Products and services related to telemedicine are often part of a larger investment by health care institutions in either information technology or the delivery of clinical care. Even in the reimbursement fee structure, there is usually no distinction made between services provided on site and those provided through telemedicine and often no separate coding required for billing of remote services.

Telemedicine encompasses different types of programs and services provided for the patient. Each component involves different providers and consumers.

- From The American Telemedicine Association -

If you have or plan to implement a telehealth program of any size and scope, you can contact the group to ensure you are not only using best practices but also leveraging existing resources. We are here to assist with any telemedicine project. Check the list of current activities to see what others are doing.